Confessions of a teenage bride

beka2The moment I got engaged I had no idea what I was in for. So young and getting married? I had no clue so many people frowned upon what I thought was such a beautiful thing. When people found out they were shocked. People had asked me “How do you know he’s the one? You are so young & honestly, you don’t really have the ability to understand what love is yet…” or “Or “Are you sure you’re ready to spend your life with this one person… forever?” I’ve heard so many things because of this ideal life everyone has branded in their heads. First you graduate high school. Then you go to college. Once you finish college you get this amazing career and make lots of money. Then when your settled in you find the love of your life and it’s then you can have your happily ever after.

Well some have different stories. Like me for instants.17 turning 18 and already engaged. I had so much on my plate already. Why would I want to add such a big commitment like getting married? Well, I will tell you.

When Angel came in to my life I knew god had answered my prayers. He put Angel in my life when I thought life couldn’t get any worse. Angel always made my day better. No matter how crazy it was. He would drive 4hrs from Robstown and surprise me all the way in Houston… He would take me away and make me forget about everything bad in life. He treated me like a princess. No guy had ever treated me the way he did. He was such a gentleman. & from then on he stole my heart.

3 years went by and we were still together. People had always doubted us from the beginning because of our age. But we knew we were doing the right thing by being together. It just felt so right.

When we got engaged and I heard all these negative things… It crushed me. It was coming from the people who I cared for the most. Angel realized it was hurting me so he came up with this saying, “It’s us against the world, through the good and bad always know I will be here.” He made everything so much easier with his good vibes and amazing heart.

After I graduated High school in December 2012 I had planned to move to Robstown with Angel. But one of my passions was caring for people. So I decided to stay in Houston and continue with a program to become a CNA. Months after I graduated from the program, I got to finally move in with my love!

beka1It was the most exciting, scary, heart wrenching couple of weeks of packing. April 12th 2013 was the day my parents were dreading. I was finally moving out. Angel helped and drove the U-Haul, so I could drive my car with my pup Bella. I gave my parents the biggest hug and kiss on cheek they probably ever got from me. I felt like I was finally really happy. Months past and we were getting ready for our big day. We had decided we wanted to get married December 14th 2013 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and the reception would be at an amazing venue on a ranch. So I got a job as a CNA. We had no clue what we were getting ourselves in to. Getting married was so much work…. And so much money!! We struggled and fought about the details of the wedding until Angel told me” I don’t want to fight over what’s supposed to be the best day of our lives, just do what you like and run it by me “ This made it so much easier on everything. We were so stressed out over this one day. We got to see sides of each other we had never seen before. And on top of all our pay checks were going straight to the wedding.

Months and Months of fighting, crying and excitement went by so fast! Before we could blink our eyes the day of our wedding was finally here. As soon as I woke up the problems started! The limo company was giving me a hard time and was late because of some issues. I got something on my dress and I was so nervous and excited I couldn’t control my emotions. The day was here and I had lost my cool!

As soon as the big church doors swooshed open and I saw my handsome soon to be husband standing at the alter waiting for me all the problems disappeared. As my parents were walking me down the aisle all the memories rushed my mind. On how hard we worked to get where we were, and of how beautiful this all turned out. Family and friends gathered in the benches with their watery eyes just smiling in joy for us. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from angel. His facial expression was priceless, I will never ever forget that moment.

The church flew by and it was such an amazing mass. We were finally husband and wife!! It was seriously the best day of my life. I walked in the church Rebeka Mayville fighter, complainer and struggling with all this craziness and then I walked out Rebeka Gonzalez kind, selfless wife of an extraordinary man. I changed my ways for my husband.

And to all the questions I didn’t answer then about “How do you know he’s the one?” And “Why would you want to get married already, you are so young?” My answers then and now that I have been married for a while. I knew angel was the one because god sent him to me and I believe in his awesome works. I also could see an amazing future with Angel. When you meet that special someone… you just know.

And to all the negativity on” I am too young to know what love is” or that” we didn’t know what we were doing” here is a nice heads up. Not everyone lives the same life. And when you see someone’s life that is different you shouldn’t bash them for it just because it’s different from yours. Love is god’s creation and we were brave enough to accept it -even when people didn’t.

beka3Everything was all so worth it. I would do this all over again because this whole experience has made me so selfless and more proud of what my husband and I have become through the most difficult times. I am happy to say that I married my best friend at 19 years old. Every morning I wake up to this amazing smile and every night I get to fall asleep in his comforting arms. My praying buddy and my world. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I can’t wait for what god has in store for us in the future. Babies? A cute little house? Who knows. But one thing I do know is that with you by my side we can get through anything. I love you my handsome husband of mine and I promise I will be the best wife I can be.

Rebeka Mayville

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