[toggle title=”What is TxHmL?”]The TxHmL program provides essential services and supports to Texans with an intellectual disability (ID) or a related condition so they can continue to live with their families or in their own homes. TxHmL services are intended to supplement rather than replace the services and supports you may receive from other programs (such as the Texas Health Steps) or from natural supports, including your families, neighbors or community organizations.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What do I need to be eligible for services?”]

To be eligible for services, you must:

  • Have a diagnosis of ID or a related condition plus an IQ of 75 or below.
  • Have mild to extreme deficits in adaptive behavior.
  • Be eligible for Medicaid.
  • Not require intensive one-to-one supervision to prevent dangerous behavior.
  • Have an individual plan of care approved the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS).
  • Not be enrolled in any another DADS Medicaid waiver program such as the Community Living Assistance and Support services program or the Medically Dependent Children program.

[toggle title=”What services does the TxHmL program offer?”]TxHmL services and supports are divided into two service categories. Each service category has an annual cost limit called a service category limit. This means that the annual cost of services received within a service category must not exceed the service category limit without DADS approval. Even with approval, the total cost of your TxHmL services must not be more than $17,000 per year. This means that the combined yearly cost of all the services within the two service categories must not be more than $17,000. The services included in each service category: Community Living Supports annual service category limit is $13,600, and Professional and Technical Supports annual service category limit is $3,400. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”Does TxHmL offer residential services?”]No, the HCS program does.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Can I find and hire my own direct service providers?”]Yes. The Consumer Directed Services (CDS) option allows you or your representative to direct any or all of your program services. If you choose the CDS option, you will receive support from a consumer directed services agency that will take care of paying your providers and give you training on being an employer. You may also use support consultation if you want additional help with being an employer.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What if I move to a different town in Texas?”]If you move to a different town in Texas you can still have the HCS/TxHmL program services. Talk with your service coordinator to make arrangements to continue your services.[/toggle][/toggles]