The past decade has been extraordinarily kind to us, Maritza, Gabriela and Francisco. As founders and directors of Ahora y Siempre, Inc., the last decade has tested us both professionally and personally in ways that we could not have imagined and ways that we struggle to articulate. 

Rather than focusing on what has transpired, today we focus on where we are going. COVID is here and has changed the way we do business and the way we live. It has forced many of us to evaluate what we consider is important in our lives and what we spend our day doing. Many people are realizing that spending the majority of their day  in an office is no way to live. 

On day one of the statewide shutdowns, we directors recognized the importance of creating a safe place for our team to express themselves in their respective professions. They were sent home and were told that further instructions would be provided at the right time. We mobilized our entire resources and created a space where people could work from home on a full time basis. 

Today we realize that in addition to providing services that are second to none, we must also create a safe environment for our team. In this new decade of this organization and in a post COVID world, you can expect our digital footprint to increase. We will move to a more paperless environment where we can delivery higher quality services while exceling in meeting the requirements of the Texas Administrative Code. 

The tone of this greeting is an optimistic, grateful and joyful one. We thank you for the time you've allowed us to serve you and we look forward to serving you in the years to come. 

Francisco Gonzalez

Maritza Gonzalez

Gabriela Gonzalez