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Founded in 2011, AyS came into existence out of a need for clients and their families to be given not just the services they are entitled to but also the knowledge to be able to advocate for themselves anywhere they may go.

Our History

AyS was born in the living room of our founders apartment in 2011. Fast forward 10 years, 5 offices and 1 world-wide pandemic, AyS has emerged as a leader not only in the provision of services but also in the creation of an atmosphere where people thrive as employees, professionally and personally. 

In March 2020, Francisco Gonzalez instructed staff to pack their computers and to take home supplies for 6 weeks. Little did he know that when he sent everyone home that day, that would be the last time they'd all be together - in person - for at least 18 months.

From day one, our directors recognized the dangers associated with COVID and recognizing that our population is among the most vulnerable, all employees were sent home and have been encouraged to continue working from home. 

As directors, it is not enough for us to provide top of the line services, it is also necessary that our team also thrive and is able to go home (or stay at home), feeling a degree of challenge and accomplishment with each case and dilemma they face.



- 2012 -

Dallas Office Grand Opening at Adolphus Tower (2nd floor)

- 2014 -

Del Rio Office Grand Opening

- 2015 -

25th floor expansion at Dallas Adolphus Tower

- 2017 -

Laredo Office Grand Opening

- 2020 -

Austin Office Grand Opening

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